My philosophy and how I work with my clients

The process of therapy is to help us make sense of our inner world and our interaction with the world around us. At times this will involve exploring difficult and painful issues. The first session will include planning a structure in order to create a safe place where we can work together therapeutically.

As a person-centred therapist, it is my belief that human nature is essentially constructive and social, that self regard is a basic human need and that persons are motivated to seek the truth. I also believe that perceptions determine experience and behaviour.

People should be related to as whole persons in the process of becoming and that they should be treated as doing their best to grow and to preserve themselves given their current internal and external circumstances.

I consider my clients to be the primary reference point in the counselling process.

As a person-centred counsellor I consider it important to reject the pursuit of authority or control over my clients and to seek to share power.

Session times

Counselling sessions are of 50 minutes duration.


My fees for a single counselling session is £45.00